It never ends

Oh, so now I realized that my tat' has been published at fuck yeah, tattoos! (and that's why I'm posting this in english). Thank you for your kind words and all your rebloggs and links to my blog and so on. You're all so wonderful!

If you enjoy reading my blog;
I'll leave some english notes in the end of each post so you international readers may understand something I write. I've been thinking of this a long time, so it's not just for you. I fkn' love to write in english!

And once again, thank you so much! Your words make my chest warm!

"My first tattoo. Inspired by the song “it never ends” by Bring me the horizon.
Does anything ever end by the way? I mean, everything’s still there in your memory."

shikariconstellations: Oh my god, yes. Awesome song and this tattoo is amazing. Also no, it never ends at all.
isleptwitholiversykes: DFFGDGFDKHGLHJ;JHJGHGJ WANT.
themindofagemini: Oh god. So sick.
ederish: padrisimo !!! yo me queria hacer uno mas o así. que dijera “lacerante” pero preferí ”mi órgano arterial fabricante de mentiras”
brandonpierce: some good looking font!
lillatte: I’ve never been a real big fan of collarbone tattoos…but I kinda like this one. The script itself is really gorgeous.
christinealexandra: Would consider getting this.
franco821: Fucking awesome, I wanted to get “heaven in hell live in all of us” in old English on my chest but it might be too long that the letters would be too small, maybe I can get “it never ends” instead since.that is much shorter and the letters can be much bigger
wedoweliketohurtsomuch: love that song!
fealvarenga: Oh! I was listening to this song and it appeared at my dashboard. I had to reblog it. Great tattoo anyway.
kellylouwhooo: i probably wouldn’t ever get a chest piece but this is ill.

Ofc I got a few who were mean, like "oh they forget the S in the end / go and die fkn teenager / she will regret that" and so on. Don't feel like posting your comments since they're all lies :*

Postat av: [lisabjernhagen]

sv: Jaså okej.. Jo smal i all ära, men sådär smal.. Nja ^^ borde inte vara något som förespråkar 'det vackra'. Och definitivt inte rökning heller.

2011-03-07 @ 21:09:30
Postat av: Haley

Fin blogg :) Kolla gärna in på min och

se om du tycker om den.

2011-03-08 @ 23:09:31

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